Refund Policy

We stand behind all of our products. Trust ASR to provide industry leading customer support and transparent refund policies.

1. Initial Purchase of Advanced System Repair

The initial purchase of Advanced System Repair software is backed by a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. If for any reason, or without reason, a customer chooses have their purchase refunded within 30 days of purchase, they may do so by any of the four methods listed:

  1. Contact our 24/7 support to chat with an customer support agent to request a refund
  2. Login to your acount and simply click cancel.
  3. Call our 24/7 customer care team (888) 277-8818 to request a refund.

The customer is required to provide any one of the following methods of order identification when submitting a refund request:

  • The order number as provided in the emailed receipt; or,
  • The email address used at time of registration

In the event that purchase identification provided by the customer does not match a corresponding purchase of Advanced System Repair, the customer may be asked to provide secondary methods of purchase identification to locate their order and process the refund.

2. Subscriptions to Advanced System Repair

If a customer has subscribed to automatically renew their Advanced System Repair license before it expires, and wishes to cancel their subscription, the customer may use any of the same contact methods noted for requesting refunds (above).

Any charge made to the customer's chosen method of payment as an automatic subscription payment (recurring payment) may also be refunded under the following conditions:

  • Any customer to request cancellation of their subscription within 30 days of a recurring payment being made will receive a refund for 100% of the recurring payment amount.
  • Any customer to request cancellation of their subscription beyond 30 days of the charge being made is not eligible for a refund.
  • Any refund shall only apply to the most recent recurring payment, and not any previous recurring payments or the initial purchase of Advanced System Repair.

3. Order Add-Ons

Any additional software added to a Customer's order during the initial purchase of Advanced System Repair is refundable up to 30 days.

Cancelation Policy: Please go here to reveiw our  cancelation  policy

LAST MODIFIED: 10-01-2022